Quilt Description:

White linen, commercially produced single bed sheet, that has been subsequently autographed and embroided to make a quilt or coverlet. All embroidery is in two gauges of white cotton embroidery thread. Unless otherwise stated the embroidery is in stemstitch, with a small amount of chainstitch. All the autographs would have originally have been written in pencil before being over-embroidered. The top edge of the quilt has a 6cm deep hem edged with drawn threadwork. Beneath it, in satinstitch, is a decorative scroll of grapes, vine leaves and tendrils. The hem and scroll were part of the original bed sheet. Beneath this is hand stemstiched lettering 'Rylstone Autograph Quilt'. The main body of the quilt is covered with numerous embroidered autographs bordered by a wide variety of embroidered shapes. The shapes include stars, flowers, circles, and five large multi-facetted circular shapes. The central circular shape bears the cypher of King George V and 'FOR OUR DARDANELLES AUSTRALIAN WOUNDED 1915'. Two of the other circles bear the names 'A.C. ROBBINS A.H.FREEMAN' and 'J.D. SANDSTROM' (Robbins and Freeman were Rylstone district Gallipoli casualties). The other two circles bear the names of well known Australian commanding officers killed on Gallipoli, 'Genl Bridges' and 'Cols MacLaurin Braund [and] Onslow Thompson'. The names of 49 soldiers with a Rylstone district connection have been written by the same hand around some of the circles and then embroidered over.


Autograph 'quilts' were a common method of fund raising in Australia during the First World War, especially in country areas. The idea behind them was that an individual would sign the quilt in pencil and then pay to have the signature embroidered over. In this way funds were raised for the war effort, The Rylstone quilt is unusual in that the signatures and decorative embroidery are in white on a white ground. The majority of quilts were embroidered with red thread on a white ground.

There are over 900 names embroidered on the quilt. They include names of soldiers from the Rylstone district and the signatures of civilians from the Rylstone in New South Wales. As far as can be ascertained , 49 soldiers from the district are listed on the quilt. Work continues to identify the servicemen. All those identified enllisted between August 1914 to July 1915, implying that the quilt was completed by mid-1915.

Source: http://www.awm.gov.au/collection/REL28488/

The quilt is now held by the Australian War Memorial.

Monday, 2 July 2018


Norman EUSTACE (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Norman EUSTACE (signature clearly reads EUSTANCE; however, this spelling is incorrect)

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

LEIGHTON Osmond John

Osmond John LEIGHTON (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Osmond John "Os" LEIGHTON (1894-1969)
(Photo: Kevin LEIGHTON)

Brother of Allan David LEIGHTON, killed in WW1.

Son of David John LEIGHTON and Emily Eva LEIGHTON (nee MEAD).

Osmond John LEIGHTON
Born: 13 Jan 1894 at Rylstone NSW
Died: 26 Feb 1969 at Concord Repatriation Hospital, Concord NSW
(Source: Esme MARTENS)

Osmond John LEIGHTON was married to Rubina Maud FREEBURN (4 Oct 1892 - 4 May 1970). Rubina was the niece of James TURVEY (also appearing on the quilt). Rubina's mother was Jane TURVEY (11 May 1851 - 20 Jan 1893), James TURVEY's sister. Osmond had a brother, Allan David LEIGHTON (27 Sep 1895 - 11 July 1918), who was killed in France during WW1. He was Percy TURVEY's relation and best mate.
(Source: Jenni TURVEY)


David John LEIGHTON (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Father of Osmond John LEIGHTON and Allan David LEIGHTON. Both served in WW1.

David John LEIGHTON (Grazier)
Born: 1 Jan 1868 at Black Springs
Died: 23 Mar 1947 Canterbury NSW
Married: Emily Eva (Eva Emily) MEAD (10 Jul 1871 - 1959 Campsie NSW)

Allan David LEIGHTON (27 Sep 1895 - 11 July 1918) was one of Osmond John LEIGHTON's brothers. He died in France during WW1. Both were sons of David and Emily LEIGHTON.

(Source: Jenni TURVEY)

David LEIGHTON (Photo: Kevin LEIGHTON)

Allan David LEIGHTON (Photo: Kevin LEIGHTON)

Osmond John LEIGHTON (1894-1969)
(Photo: Kevin LEIGHTON)

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Kenneth Martin DOWD

Kenneth Martin DOWD (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Ida Irene DOWD

Ida Irene DOWD (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Ida Irene DOWD (1884-1949) married William Charles RICHES (1873-1929) in c1929 at Rylstone NSW.

Source: Dan HATTON

Sunday, 30 July 2017

George John Holbrook LOVE

George John Holbrook LOVE (Photo: Dan HATTON)

George John Holbrook LOVE, son of John LOVE and Emma LOVE (nee HOLBROOK).

Further details to come...

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Edna Helene WILLIAMS

Edna Helene WILLIAMS (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Edna Helene WILLIAMS married John "Jack" PEERMAN. She worked as a teacher at Kandos Primary School.

Looking for photos of Edna and Jack PEERMAN.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Friday, 23 June 2017

Ernest Alfred "Ernie" HOWARD

Ernest Alfred "Ernie" HOWARD (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Ernie HOWARD (1896-1977) married Dorothy Irene DAVIS (1902-1977) in 1924.

They had two daughters: Jean (died as an infant) and Shirley.

Shirley married John Eric PEERMAN, son of John "Jack" PEERMAN and Edna Helene PEERMAN (nee WILLIAMS).

I am looking for photos or Ernie and Dorothy HOWARD.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Mona Mabel COOPER

Mona Mabel COOPER (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Mona Mabel COOPER was born in c1899 to Herbert Frank COOPER (1872-1940) and Charlotte Lucy COOPER (nee COX) (1877-1952).

Mona married Thomas BUTLER in 1920 at Rylstone.

Mona and Thomas had four daughters:
  1. Beatrice BUTLER
  2. Marie BUTLER
  3. Norma BUTLER
  4. Patricia BUTLER
Hoping to find someone connected to this family.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Monday, 29 May 2017

Oswald Digby COX

Oswald Digby COX (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Oswald Digby COX (1871-1944) married Margaretta Florence DALY (1871-1955) in 1900 at Mudgee NSW.

Oswald and Margaretta COX had five children:
  • Paul Hastings COX (1901-1992)
    • Married (1) Kathleen Margaret Mary WILLIS (1897-1972) in 1938
    • Married (2) Marjorie Agnes (UNKNOWN) (c1908-1986)
  •  Mamie Philomena COX (1902-1972) - did not marry
  •  Beatrice Margaret COX (1904-2002)
    •  Married Joseph Louis WELSH (1895-1970) in 1930
  • Joan Eugenie "Johnnie" COX (1908-1996)
    • Married Thomas Patrick KEARINS (1903-1982) in 1930
  • Helen Patricia COX (1912-2000) - did not marry

Friday, 26 May 2017

Robert Harrison CUTTLE

Robert Harrison CUTTLE (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Robert Harrison CUTTLE and his wife, Louise "Louie" CUTTLE, built a store in Kandos in 1915 but left several years later. They later ran a store in Leichhardt.

Does anyone know anything about Robert and Louie CUTTLE?

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Albert Stewart Benjamin DAVIES

Albert Stewart Benjamin DAVIES (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Albert Stewart Benjamin DAVIES (c1891-1966) married Ida Valdean KEEMAN in 1925 at Rylstone NSW.

They had one son: John Richard DAVIES.

John was a NSW police officer and married Myra Stella ANNAND in 1957.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Winifred Aston "Winnie" DALTON

Winifred Aston "Winnie" DALTON (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Winifred Aston "Winnie" DALTON was the daughter of Fanny Aston DALTON (nee NICHOLAS) and Herbert Richard DALTON.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Fanny Aston DALTON

Fanny Aston DALTON (nee NICHOLAS) (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Fanny Aston NICHOLAS (1866-1951) married Herbert Richard DALTON (1863-1951) at Morpeth NSW. Herbert was manager of the Australian Joint Stock (AJS) bank in Rylstone when it was housed in the Bridge View Inn building.

Fanny and Herbert had five children but only two survived into adulthood.
  1. Ronald Vernon Nicholas DALTON
  2. Winifred Aston "Winnie" DALTON
I would like to find out more about the DALTON family.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Friday, 21 April 2017

William James CHARDON

William James CHARDON (Photo: Dan HATTON)

William James CHARDON (1868-1921) was a commercial traveller but lived in Bondi NSW when the quilt was created.

William married Alice Jane TATTON (1871-1942) in 1895 at North Ipswich QLD where they lived before moving south to Meldon VIC prior to settling in Bondi.

William and Alice had one son:
  1. Harold James CHARDON (1909-1993)
Harold married Winifred Branch LEWIS in 1936 at Bexley NSW. They did not have any children.

Corporal Harold James CHARDON served in WW2 as Chief Signals Officer in New Guinea Lines of Communication Area.

I am still searching for a photo of William James CHARDON.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Friday, 14 April 2017

Grace Elizabeth CARLISLE

Grace Elizabeth CARLISLE (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Grace Elizabeth CARLISLE was born in 1896 at Mudgee NSW to Harold Edgar CARLISLE and Annie Jane CARLISLE (nee BYERS).

Grace was a teacher at the Bogie Subsidised School in 1915.

Grace married James EDMUNDS (1891-1963) in 1920 at Gulgong NSW.

I would like to find the family of Grace and James EDMUNDS.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Norman James BROADBENT

Norman James BROADBENT (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Norman James BROADBENT was born in 1895 and enlisted for service in WW1 in September 1915, aged 20. Although he was from Mosman NSW, he must have visited Rylstone earlier in 1915 when the quilt was being created as the signature on the quilt and that in his WW1 service records are identical.

He served in the 1st Australian Auxiliary Hospital (AAH), starting as a Private before being promoted to Lance Corporal then Sergeant.

After the war, Norman returned to Australia and married Dorothy Eva BROWN in 1925. They had two daughters:
  1. Laurel Mary BROADBENT (c1926-1999)
    • married Peter Bryan JOHNSON in 1954 
    • had three sons: Bryan, Brett and Kenneth
  2. Rae Dorothy BROADBENT
    • married Alan Anthony M. "Tony" EDWARDS in 1955
    • children: not known
Norman died in 1963 at Wagga Wagga NSW and Dorothy died in Sydney in 1961.

I would like to contact this family for further information on Norman and his life.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Beatrice Clara BOWES

Beatrice Clara BOWES (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Beatrice Clara BOWES was the daughter of Reverend Joseph BOWES, of the Methodist Church, and his first wife, Clara BOWES (nee DAWSON). Clara DAWSON was the sister of James DAWSON of Henbury, Rylstone; therefore, Beatrice was the niece of Mrs Jessie DAWSON who created the Rylstone quilt. Rev. BOWES spent some time at Mudgee in the late-1880s but later moved to Queensland.

Beatrice trained as a nurse and served in the early stages of WW1 as part of the 2nd Australian General Hospital (AGH) (1915-1916). She joined on 30 July 1915 and joined the Mena Convalescent Depot in November 1915 but was returned to Australia in March 1916 suffering from anaemia and debility.

Beatrice married Charles Edward COSSART in September 1916 at Brisbane QLD. I believe that they had seven children: five daughters and two sons.

I would like to find out more about Beatrice and hopefully down track down a photo of her.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Robert Henderson BRADLEY

Robert Henderson BRADLEY (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Robert Henderson BRADLEY (1869-1917) was a commercial traveller who was probably visiting Rylstone at the time the quilt was being made. I haven't yet located direct evidence of this but it is likely he represented one of the large Sydney companies that supplied stores in the district. There are a number of other commercial travellers with their names signed on the quilt.

Robert married Annie PRICE (1870-1950) in 1894 and they had one son: Robert Jack BRADLEY (1904-1977).

Robert Jack BRADLEY married Ruth Janet Mary SENDALL (1905-1995) in 1928 and they had three children.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Friday, 27 January 2017

Lancelot Herbert "Lance" BAYLISS

Lancelot Herbert "Lance" BAYLISS (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Lancelot Herbert "Lance" BAYLISS (1904-1921) was the son of John Herbert BAYLISS and Annie Beatrice Christina BAYLISS (nee ROBBINS).

I can't find anything about Lance's short life so any help would be much appreciated.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Einar Valdemar LANGEVAD

Einar Valdemar LANGEVAD (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Einar Valdemar LANGEVAD (c1891-1970) was the husband of Mabel Bond LANGEVAD (nee CASTLE) (c1895-1969).

Einar married (1) Mabel Bond CASTLE in 1914.

Einar married (2) Alma Margaret MARSHALL (1903-1986) in 1965.

Einar and Mabel LANGEVAD had three children:
  1. Einess Lillian Dagmar LANGEVAD (1915-1994)
  2. Betty Rigmor LANGEVAD (?-?) married Kenneth John TOZER
  3. Brian Ross LANGEVAD (c1930-2012) married (1) Shirley Jean BARTLETT (2) Dianne SOMEONE
I would like to find the family of Einar and Mabel LANGEVAD to complete their story in the Rylstone Autograph Quilt book.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Allan Samuel KIRKLAND

Allan Samuel KIRKLAND (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Allan KIRKLAND (1886-1940) was the brother of Athol Goodwin KIRKLAND who was killed in WW1.

Allan was the son of Andrew KIRKLAND and Mary Clara KIRKLAND (nee PICKETT)

Allan married Gertrude Annie BROWN (1885-1966), daughter of  Archibald Arthur BROWN and Isabella Jane BROWN (nee MORRISON).

They had two sons:
  1. William James "Jim" KIRKLAND (1913-1981) married Lillian Sim PORTER. They had three children: Jim, Margaret and Don KIRKLAND.
  2. Russell George KIRKLAND (1929-2012) married Edna May ISON. They had a son, Allan KIRKLAND.

I am looking for photos and details of Allan and Gertrude KIRKLAND and their family for inclusion in the Rylstone Autograph Quilt book.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Monday, 26 December 2016


Maud BIRD (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Eva Maud "Maud" BIRD, daughter of Richard Edward BIRD and Sarah BIRD (nee PAYNE).

Maud married Walter William McANDREW in 1924 at Katoomba. I think they had four children:
  1.  Herbert Keith "Herb" McANDREW (married Gwendoline Madge BAKER)
  2. Fay Phyllis "Phyllis" McANDREW (married Frederick Charles HOWE)
  3. Allan Walter McANDREW (married (1) Molly Ethel PITCHER (2) Sylvia Isabel FERGUSON)
  4. Keith Innes McANDREW (married Winifred Marie KERNEY)
 I am looking for any relatives or descendants of Maud and Walter.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Muriel BIRD

Muriel BIRD (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Amy Muriel "Muriel" BIRD, daughter of Richard Edward BIRD and Sarah BIRD (nee PAYNE).

Muriel married Frederick Henry WILLIS in 1948 when she was about 50 years old. It is not known if she had any children.

Frederick died in 1954 and Muriel in 1959. They are buried together in Rylstone cemetery. The plaque for Frederick mentions a 'John' although I am not sure who John is.

I would like to know more about Muriel and Frederick, and would love to locate a photo of them.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Sarah BIRD (nee PAYNE)

Sarah BIRD (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Sarah PAYNE was born about 1874 to John Stanley PAYNE and Emily PAYNE (nee SOMEONE?)

Sarah PAYNE married Richard Edward BIRD in about 1890 and they had eight children.
  1. Richard Edward Bertrude BIRD (1891-1961)
  2. Cecil Albert BIRD (1893-1973)
  3. James Lancelot BIRD (1895-1980)
  4. William Robert BIRD (1896-1965)
  5. Amy Muriel "Muriel" BIRD (1898- )
  6. Eva Maud BIRD (1900-1999)
  7. Isaac Lottery "Jack" BIRD (1902-1994)
  8. David Daniel BIRD (1906-1986)
Seeking any relatives or descendants for further information on this family for inclusion in the Rylstone Autograph Quilt book.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Richard Edward BIRD

Richard Edward BIRD (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Richard Edward BIRD was born about 1868 at Lambing Flat NSW to Isaac Ottrie BIRD and Eliza BIRD (nee COVER).

Richard married Sarah PAYNE in about 1890 and they had eight children.

  1. Richard Edward Bertrude BIRD (1891-1961)
  2. Cecil Albert BIRD (1893-1973)
  3. James Lancelot BIRD (1895-1980)
  4. William Robert BIRD (1896-1965)
  5. Amy Muriel "Muriel" BIRD (1898- )
  6. Eva Maud "Maude" BIRD (1900-1999)
  7. Isaac Lottery "Jack" BIRD (1902-1994)
  8. David Daniel BIRD (1906-1986)
Seeking any relatives or descendants for further information on this family for inclusion in the Rylstone Autograph Quilt book.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Friday, 23 December 2016


Mabel BISLEY (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Mabel BISLEY was the daughter of Henry "Harry" BISLEY and Emily BISLEY (nee HARRIS). She was born on 23 August 1885.

Mabel married Audley Herbert Orton BOULTON in 1946. Audley had previously been married to Agnes Pye SIMPSON (1882-1927) and they had one son, James Richard BOULTON (1911-1972), who became Mabel's stepson.

James married Jean Hardwick HARRIS (1912-2005) and they had two sons: Harris BOULTON and Russell BOULTON.

I would like to locate members of this family in the hope there might be photos of Mabel and Audley.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Leslie Stuart "Les" BISLEY

Leslie Stuart "Les" BISLEY (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Leslie Stuart BISLEY was the son of Henry BISLEY and Emily BISLEY (née HARRIS)

Born: 6 Aug 1880
Married: (1) 11 Nov 1908, Rylstone, to Vera Grace NEVELL
Married: (2) Mildred WILLIAMS in 1922
Died: 1 Sep 1956, Manly

Cox Street, Rylstone (Storekeeper, 1917 Elect. Roll)

Australian actor, Steve BISLEY, is the grandson of Les BISLEY and Mildred BISLEY (nee WILLIAMS).

Source: Dan HATTON

Notes: Shirley TUNNICLIFF

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

William Charles Lee BAYLISS

William Charles Lee BAYLISS (Photo: Dan HATTON)

William Charles Lee BAYLISS was born in 1908 and married Joan Margaret SULLIVAN (nee WHITWORTH) in 1952.

William and Joan and one daughter, Vicki BAYLISS, who married John BUCKLEY. They had a son, Kirk BUCKLEY.

I am seeking to locate this family for further details on William for inclusion in the Rylstone Autograph Quilt book.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Tuesday, 6 December 2016


Joseph BURRASTON (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Joseph BURRASTON owned a motor vehicle used by a group of four men from Cessnock NSW that visited the Rylstone district in 1915. All four men signed the Rylstone Autograph Quilt along with the name J. BURRASTON.

Joseph BURRASTON enlisted for service in 1916 but was seriously wounded when he received a gunshot wound to the forehead and right leg. Despite a serious wound between his eyebrows, he managed to recover and return to Australia; however, he succumbed to the effects of his injuries and died in 1919 at the age of 29.

Two of Joseph's brothers, Clarence and William BURRASTON, also served in WW1.

On the hunt for a photo of Private Joseph BURRASTON...

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Monday, 5 December 2016

Alfred Edward "Edward" EBSWORTH

Edward EBSWORTH (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Alfred Edward "Edward" EBSWORTH was a District Surveyor in Rylstone.

More to come...

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

William John James BAKER

William John James BAKER (Photo: Dan HATTON)

William John James BAKER served in WW1. He was from Orange NSW and worked as an 'Inspector of Factories and Shops'. He was probably in the Rylstone district undertaking his inspections when he signed the Rylstone Autograph Quilt.

More details to come.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Monday, 21 November 2016

George Tempe ALDERTON

George Tempe ALDERTON (Photo: Dan HATTON)

George Tempe ALDERTON

More to come...

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Friday, 18 November 2016



Hjalmar Villie LANGEVAD

Hjalmar Villie LANGEVAD (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Hjalmar Villie LANGEVAD

More to come...

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Albert Beckford Charles BURKE

Albert Beckford Charles BURKE (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Albert Beckford Charles BURKE was the Police Magistrate and local Mining Warden for Bathurst. Albert married Jessie Comfort MORRIS and they had two children.
  1. Irene Dorothy BURKE married William Eric Hunter McPHERSON
  2. Sydney Charles Jack BURKE married Esther Evelyn Clarice HEALEY
Irene and William McPHERSON had one son, David Hunter McPHERSON, who was the only grandchild for Albert and Jessie BURKE.

I am looking for photos of Albert and Jessie along with information to complete their story in my book.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Mary Catherine BENNING (nee DALTON)

Mary Catherine BENNING (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Mary Catherine BENNING was the wife of the Rylstone Station Master, Herbert BENNING, who held a position of prominence at that time.

Mary and Herbert left Rylstone in 1917 for Tamworth NSW.

They had eight children:
  1. Herbert Francis BENNING
  2. Maurice Noel BENNING
  3. George Edward BENNING
  4. Norman Joseph BENNING
  5. Charles Vincent BENNING
  6. Monica Mary BENNING, married. W.F. COX
  7. John Reginald BENNING
  8. Kevin Patrick BENNING
I am trying to find out more about Mary's family to include her story in my book.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Hilda Muriel Florence BARKER (nee DUNCAN)

Hilda BARKER (Photo: Dan HATTON)

Hilda Muriel Florence DUNCAN married Clarence Richard Claud BARKER in 1907. They lived at Eurunderee, near Mudgee NSW.

Hilda and Clarence had six children (that I can determine):
  1. Marie Hilda BARKER (1907-1996) m. Lionel Edward JARRETT
  2. Richard Duncan BARKER (1912-1960) m. Dorothy Clare ROBERTS
  3. Beatrix Bryanna BARKER (1914-2007) m. Alan SEBBENS
  4. Aubrey James BARKER (1924- ?)
  5. Roger Albert BARKER (? -1957)
  6. Edith Emma BARKER (? -1997) m. (1) Mackenzie Parker LANDON, m. (2) Miles Martin Patrick McGRAIL
If anyone knows of this family please contact me as I would like to include Hilda's story in my book.

Source: Dan HATTON (rylstonequilt@gmail.com)

Monday, 7 November 2016

Robert William RICHES

Robert William RICHES
Photo: Dan Hatton

Robert William RICHES (25 Nov 1898 - 12 Jan 1952), son of Robert RICHES (1870 - 1952) and Frances (Fanny) PYE (1870-1952). No record of being married.

Source: Jenni TURVEY

Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Photo: Dan HATTON

If Jno means John, then there was a John SHEUMACK (1 Aug 1853 - 4 Dec 1946) who married Edith Ann FERGUSON (4 May 1861 - 1935). This may account for the E.A. SHEUMACK on the quilt. They had 5 children.

Source: Jenni TURVEY

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Walter Ernest TWEEDIE

Walter Ernest TWEEDIE
Photo: Dan Hatton 

Walter Ernest TWEEDIE married Amy Gertrude DAVIS.

Source: Dan HATTON

Amy Gertrude TWEEDIE

Photo: Dan HATTON

Amy Gertrude TWEEDIE (nee DAVIS) was the wife of Walter Ernest TWEEDIE. AMy was the daughter of Charles and Dinah DAVIS.

Source: Dan HATTON


J Turvey
Photo: Dan Hatton

This is the signature of James Turvey (26 Nov 1848 - 22 Mar 1923) who was a grazier who lived at Breakfast Creek at the time. He had been married to Christy Ann McDonald (7 Feb 1854 - 10 Sep 1908). They did not have any children of their own. James Turvey's uncle was Thomas Turvey from Turvey Park at Wagga Wagga.
Ref: Jenni Turvey

Source: Wal Pilz 


E Turley
Photo: Dan Hatton